Fruit Researchs: Peaches/ Nectarines ( Photos )

Production of peaches and nectarines has increased in the PNW in the recent years. High desert conditions of Idaho and other locations with similar climate such as Ghazvin, Hamadan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Taleghan in Iran and many places in Turkey, Chile, Spain, Poland, and Italy are suitable for production of top quality peaches and nectarines. These areas have moderate temperatures in the spring, which gradually warms up in early summer, with limited rainfall. Lower rainfall in these regions will reduce the chance of powdery mildew. Our program has discovered several bio-regulators, including Tergitol TMN-6 and hydrogen cyanamide to reduce excess crop, resulting in larger fruit size and better quality peaches and nectarines. In 2008, our program competed a long-term project, selecting the most suitable new cultivars of peaches and nectarines for southern Idaho.