I have conducted and published numerous research projects and articles in many aspects of deciduous fruit, citrus, table grapes, and wine grapes physiology over the last 30 years. The research areas include rootstock physiology in apples, plums, pears, peaches, and nectarines, cultivar selection for various deciduous fruits including apples, stone fruits, table grape and wine grapes, photosynthesis, mineral partitioning, irrigation systems and strategies in decidious fruit, postharvest physiology, development of various bio-regulators and blossom and fruit thinners.
Aside and independent from my affiliation with the University of Idaho, I provide consulting services in the various aspects of fruit crop production and research. These services are provided through Fruit Horizon LLC. For more details on the fees, please contact Dr. Fallahi at 208-454-8486 or at other contact information provided under “About Me” section. The consulting services include:

1. Designing modern orchards and vineyards and trellis systems

2. Consulting on issues of fruit variety/cultivar selection for commercial scale and backyards for various regions worldwide.

3. Advising on various systems of training and pruning fruit trees and grapes.

4. Serving as an expert witness on court cases on a wide range fruit-related disputes at national and international levels.

5. Advising on all issues related to fruit maturity, fruit quality, yield estimation.

6. Estimation of the current and future fruit crop and quality loss due to early and late season frost, use of inappropriate cultivar and/or rootstock, cultivars, and other cultural practices and mismanagement of in applications of pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, blossom thinners, fruit thinners, and other natural and man-caused functions.

7. Consulting on applications of fruit bio-regulators, blossom thinners, post-bloom thinners, stop-drop, irrigation, foliar and soil nutrients, etc.

8. Consulting on conducting scientifically sound research projects on fruit crops, establishment of modern analytical laboratories for plant and soil analysis and postharvest quality evaluations.