About Me

Dr. Esmaeil “Essie” Fallahi Professor of Pomology and Research Leader of Pomology Program, University of Idaho, Department of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences.

My Research Philosophy and Scope of the Pomology Program:
The Pomology Program position at the University of Idaho was created with my arrival in March 1990, and has now achieved national and international recognition. The Pomology position is unique because only one faculty member is responsible for research in many areas of pomology. My research philosophy is to understand the problems and needs of our fruit growers and to have a vision for meeting these needs using basic and applied scientific methods within the framework on my job description and to train graduate students to become future leaders in science of pomology.
My appointment has always been 90% research, about 4% professional development, about 4% professional service and about 2% student supervision. Based on my vision for the need for our fruit growers to become and stay competitive in the national and global market and the assessment of problems facing the fruit industry, and for the advancement of horticultural science, I have designed the pomology research projects to benefit the fruit industry in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, while maintaining a national and international scope. These projects are also designed to be original and to have a reasonable chance to be accepted in the national and international professional refereed journals due to their high importance and scientific merit. Development of coopertaive projects is a highpriority in our program.

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