My Travel

Some 1000 years ago, the Persian philosopher and poet, Naser Khosroo Ghobadiani said, athough there are many hurtles on the roads of every trip, no one will see the beautiful horizons of beyond without these hurtles. If travel is a gold nugget in the mouth of a lion, take a chance and take the nugget out”. I have been on the roads as long as I remember. I was eight when I left Taleghan for Tehran and was 18 when I left my home in Tehran to attend The University of Ferdowsi in Mashhad, and later to Shiraz and then Joundishapour University in Ahvaz, Iran. When I came to the USA, my travels just stated. On my way back to the USA from an international conference in Spain where I was invited to speak at a fruit nutrition conference two years ago, I saw a big crack on the bottom my shoes at the Madrid Airport. The cracks reminded me of a poem by Sadie, another Persian poet, who said “My shoes are laughing at me through their cracks; laughing at my wonderings and travels around the earth”. Most of my travels are business-related. I get invited by various universities around the globe to give speeches and to conduct research. I enjoy all of them, particularly when I visit Persia (Iran) my native land. Together with Iranian colleagues, we have published numerous papers on physiology and production of various fruits, ranging from pomegranates to citrus to olive to apples and pears and grapes. Please look at my pictures in photo gallery each of which describes a thousand words. . . .mmmMMM

Photo Gallery for My Travel